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Free Online Slots: the Essential Interface Elements & Symbols

The work system is completely random, and there is no distinct cycle. The software providers were able to achieve this by installing a cyclic-free random algorithm in games that do not have any regularities. In this case, the developer, based on tests, can calculate the theoretical return rate of the slot RTP, which shows how much money will be returned to the player during an extremely long game.

In modern free online slots, this indicator varies between 95-99%, so it’s better to play in licensed online casinos, as users can be sure that the RTP set by the provider is relevant.

Features of the Interface Common for Online Devices

Online devices have a common interface, but each slot machine has some special characteristics. When players sit down to play a slot machine, they are presented with a screen with reels and an understandable control panel. It is all that users need to know to play the device. But classic and thematic free online casino slots have a different look. Classic devices of the type Happy Sevens, Fruit Machine, and Five-Line Slot consist of the following parts:

  • At the top of the screen, the players can see the payout table, which shows all the existing symbols and payouts for game combinations;
  • Below is a screen with gaming reels and other indicators;
  • At the very bottom is the control panel with all the necessary buttons.

Themed free online slots no deposit have a slightly different interface. They usually have only the appearance of a screen with reels and a control panel. To open the payout table for game combinations, the player needs to use the “Paytable” button. The table itself usually has several pages. They show payments for combinations and symbols, some rules, as well as features of the risk game or bonus games.

  • Some free online slots with advanced bonus rounds have a customizable automatic game;
  • Using the “Auto-play” button, a particular window pops up with the settings of the automatic game sets;
  • Players can build the desired indicators and run an auto game with the necessary parameters.

Otherwise, the user interface in free online slots that requires no registration is common. All machines also contain the option to turn off and activate the sound of gambling. Many actions in an online game for slot machines can be performed by clicking on the appropriate buttons on the control panel or by using conventional mouse clicks.

Free Online Slots: the System of Symbols

The fundamental symbol set of any slot is about 10-12 images. They make up paid combinations. The players know in advance for which chains of identical pictures they will receive the maximum score, and which are passing. Distinct characters stand apart. The fall of any such symbol on the field is a tremendous celebration for the player. No matter how many characters fall out, you can count on a decent prize.

There are only two special characters: these are wild (“wild”) and scatter (“scattered”) characters. Their combinations bring the largest harvest. Their function: to provide the player with additional options.

  • A wild symbol can replace any symbol on the playing field. It takes on significance when players are missing just one symbol before a successful combination. Wild comes to their aid;
  • The scatter has more diverse functions. In addition to the extra prize, it becomes the players’ pass to the bonus round. Depending on the situation, it opens either free spins or the prize game itself. As a rule, players get from 7 to 15 free spins, which they can legally use for real money play in online casinos. If they are lucky to become winners, then they will replenish their deposit accounts. Usually, the last bet of the players is significant.

A bonus game is a distinctive issue. The latest free online slots are pleasing with their storylines and several levels of the no download bonus games.

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